How to add a signature to the Windows 10 Mail application

Here you will get to know how to get the most out of the Mail application, included natively in Windows 10. This application perfectly meets the needs of any user, a free application that also integrates within Windows 10, so What is it the best option available today.

The tutorial that we show you today, is related to signatures. Signatures in email applications allow us to establish our contact information through other methods than the email account we are using. They also allow us to add information about our work or leisure activity.

Establish a signature on our email account, it is not mandatory at all if we use the account in a non-professional way. However, if the use we make of it is related to our work, it is more than necessary to offer information about our person, company, contact information.

Add a signature to the Windows 10 Mail application

  • First, we must open the application and click on the cogwheel located at the bottom of the application to access Windows 10 configuration options.
  • Then we go to the option Email signature.
  • In the window shown below, we must select which account we want to associate the signature that we are going to create.
  • Next, we must write the text that we want to be displayed, a text that we can format with different fonts, establish a different format (bold, italics and underline), and different font size and color.

Once we have established the data and the signature format that we want to use in the Windows 10 Mail application, we just have to click accept.

To verify that we have made the changes correctly, we just have to click the New Mail button. If everything is correct, the signature will be shown at the bottom of the space we have reserved to write the text we want to send.