How to add devices and fix Bluetooth problems in Windows 10

Bluetooth has gained a lot of presence in Windows 10. It is a good and simple way to connect other devices to our computers. Therefore, it is possible that at some point we want to be able to connect a device. To do this, we have to carry out a series of steps, really simple. We will talk about these steps below.

We will also show how you can fix some problems that arise with Bluetooth in Windows 10. Since it is common for users in the operating system to encounter the same problems with the operation of this feature. But the reality is that you will not have any problems.

How to add devices and fix Bluetooth problems in Windows 10

The first thing we show you is the way in which we can inculcate a Bluetooth device to our Windows 10 computer. To do this, we must first access the operating system settings. We can access using the Win + I key combination. Once inside it, we have to enter the devices section.

Within it, in the left column, we get an option called Bluetooth and other devices. We click on it and then the options corresponding to this section will appear on the screens. The first option on the screen is to add Bluetooth or another device. We click on it to start the process.

Then click on Bluetooth and then the computer will search for the device in question to connect to the computer using this method. It will appear on the screen if Windows 10 has detected any, and we will simply have to select it. Then we just have to wait for the connection between the two devices to complete. In this way, we have already added a device. Very simple, as you can see.

Fix Bluetooth problems in Windows 10

As can be done routinely with other functions or components, also Bluetooth in Windows 10 can give us some failure occasionally. They are usually common problems that affect many users in the operating system.

The most common is that it suddenly disconnects or that there is some de-configuration. Luckily, it is a type of problem that is quite easy to solve on the computer. In many cases, the drivers are the source of the failure.

To do this, we will first enter the Windows 10 configuration. Next we have to enter the section called Update and security. Inside it, we look at the column that appears on the left side of the screen. We have several options there, one of which is Troubleshoot. It is the one that interests us, so we click on it. Then, various options will appear on the screen.

The troubleshooter can be used to search for bugs in various sections. You will see that one of the ones that appear on the screen is Bluetooth. Therefore, we click on it. Just click on the run the troubleshooter button.

What it will do then is look for malfunctions with Bluetooth in Windows 10. Therefore, it will look for the solution and the origin of the problems that we have mentioned.

Windows 10 is then going to take a while to scan the computer for faults. The time it takes will vary depending on the magnitude of the problem and if its origin is easy to determine. After a time, the operating system will automatically solve all the faults that it has detected in the process.

As a user, you will not have to do anything else. When they have been solved, you will be shown a message on the screen mentioning the origin of the problem and that it has been solved.

It is a good option to use if you find cuts in the Bluetooth function in Windows 10. Also, it is the best solution if you have little experience in the operating system, since you do not have to do anything.