How to add or remove access to quick actions in Windows 10

Windows 10 introduced a large number of new features, many of which offer us a similar operation to that found in both Android and iOS through the control panel. The quick actions of Windows 10, represented by icons, allow us to activate and deactivate system elements without having to access the configuration options.

In this way, if we want to deactivate the Wi-Fi connection, the Bluetooth, share the internet connection, establish a VPN, activate the Night Light. we only have to press on the activity center to activate or deactivate the options that we need at all times. Fast and easy.

How to add or remove access to quick actions in Windows 10

Within the customization options of Windows 10, we can add or remove new shortcuts. To do this, we must perform the following steps:

  • We access the configuration of Windows 10 through the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + I, or, we access through the start menu and clicking on the gear wheel shown at the bottom left of this menu.
  • Then we access the System menu and within System, click on Notifications and actions.
  • In the right column, under the heading Notifications and actions, we must click on Add or remove quick actions, option available within the menu Quick actions.

Next, all the options that we can add or show in the notification center will be shown:

  • All settings
  • Net
  • Connect
  • To project
  • VPN
  • Bluetooth
  • Night light
  • Mobile wireless coverage area
  • Wifi
  • Concentration assistant
  • Location
  • Airplane mode
  • Shared use in proximity
  • Tablet mode

If we want any of these options not to be shown in the notification center menu, we just have to deactivate the switch and it will disappear. To make it appear again, we just have to do the opposite, activate the switch.