The recycle bin is a staple in Windows 10, to which we do not usually give too much importance. It complies with its operation at all times, and we do not worry too much about it. Although sometimes we forget that the trash is full. Something that is taking up disk space, in many cases, a lot of space. Something that is unnecessary and that we can avoid ourselves.

Since we have various configuration options for the recycle bin in Windows 10. So we have much more personalized use of it. One of these functions is to make it will empty automatically, which saves us time, especially if we forget about it, in addition to avoiding taking up too much disk space.

How to Automatically Empty the Recycle Bin on Windows 10

The function that allows us to do it is given by a free program, very light, and easy to use. It allows us to configure when we want all the content in the trash to be deleted so that we do not have to do it ourselves. This is comfortable, especially for users who forget to clean the trash in Windows 10.

The program in question is called Auto Recycle Bin, which you can download on this link. Thanks to it, it is possible to configure every how many days you want to proceed with automatic cleaning from the trash in Windows 10. An easy way to do it that removes a task from you.

You can decide how many days you want the deleted files to be in the trash. So if we delete a file, we know that we have a certain number of days available in case you want to restore it. The good thing is that we can configure the number of days that is most comfortable for us.

They are making it a good program that we can use in Windows 10. It takes up little space and gives us a function that surely, many users in the operating system will greatly appreciate.