How to cancel printing a document in Windows OS

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to find printers in homes around the world. A few years ago, we could find printers for 20 or 30 euros, which lasted what they lasted, depending on the use we made, a replacement or one more could last, as long as the ink did not dry (not being used regularly) and we were forced to drop the printer directly.

If you usually print documents, either at work or at home, you have probably chosen a quality printer, a printer that does not leave you thrown away at the first change as it used to happen. If so, it is also likely that on more than one occasion, you have been forced to wait for a document to print because you cannot cancel printing.

Although it may seem strange, unplugging the printer while it is working, does not mean canceling printing in most cases, since once we reconnect it, it continues to print the document, although most likely, it is that does not continue where you left off.

Canceling the printing of a document is not done from the printer, but from the computer that sent the document to print. manages your printing until it ends. If we cancel printing from the computer, it automatically cancels printing.

How to Cancel printing a document in Windows

When we send a document to the printer, the toolbar located in the lower right corner (where the time is shown) shows the icon of a printer. To cancel the printing of a document, we must press with the right-click and select properties.

Next, a window will appear with the document that we are printing. To cancel printing, we go to the document in question, press the right mouse button and select Cancel all documents.