How to change app permissions in Windows 10

Surely on more than one occasion, when installing an application on your mobile device, you have verified how this asks you for a series of permissions to be able to access the camera, the microphone, the storage system. In most of the cases, depending on the type of application it is, Without that permission, it cannot work.

In Windows, just like in macOS, the operation is the same. For example: if we download an application to view the images on our hard drive, it must have access to our library, without which it cannot display images. A map application must have access to our location. And so many more examples.

However, it is likely that during the installation of the application, we did not bother to check What are the permissions that we have accepted for the application to work. It is likely that, by not reading the permissions carefully, we have given permission to a game to have access to our contacts. Contacts? For what?

Well that same, not at all. The game does not need to access our contacts at any time in order to function, so its sole purpose is to collect personal data. If we are faced with this type of games or applications, it is not necessary to change the permissions, the best thing we can do is delete it directly from our hard disk, since namely that more data may be collecting.

Change app permissions in Windows 10

Changing the permissions of the applications is useful, for example, to limit the battery consumption of some applications, when we use Windows 10 on a laptop. If we need to consult a map application to measure distances, and we do not want our location to be accessed, we can restrict access to it. For check and modify the permissions that the applications have that we have installed, we must perform the following steps:

First, we place the mouse over the application for which we want to know this information and click on the right button of the mouse.

In this case, we have used the application Camera. To access the application’s permissions, we access the submenu Plus and click on Application Settings.

In the next window, the permissions that the application has been shown. As we can see in this example, I have disabled location access from my team’s camera, so if I take a photograph, its coordinates will not be stored.