How to change the default font of a Mail App in Windows 10

Natively, Windows uses a default font called Calibri, a font that we may like more or less, but which is what there is. When creating any type of document in Windows, the application allows us to select from almost a hundred fonts of all kinds.

But not only can we modify the font that we use when creating a document, but we can also modify the one we use in our email account that we have used in the Mail application of Windows 10, in order to give a personal touch to our emails.

Before proceeding to change the letter, we must bear in mind that we must select a type of letter that be natively included in our team, to avoid that the recipient of the mail, cannot enjoy the letter that we have chosen. This is because the email is a text string that is transmitted associated with a specific source, it is not an image that is transmitted.

If the text source that we select in the Mail application has been downloaded from the internet, chances are that this is not available on the computer that will read the email. Failing that, it will display the message, but using the font that the system has default, that if it is Windows 10 it will be Calibri and if it is macOS, we are talking about the San Francisco font.

Change the default font for the Mail app in Windows 10

  • First, we must open the application and click on the cogwheel located at the bottom of the application to access Windows 10 configuration options.
  • Among the different options displayed, we must select the Default font.
  • Next, a window will be shown where we must set both the source that we want to use with the size, the format and even the color of the font.
  • Once we have established the adjustments we need, we just have to click Save.

The next time we write a new email, the Mail app will use the format that we just established.