How to change Desktop selection box color in Windows 10

When you select multiple items in Windows 10, on the desktop, or in the file explorer, you see a blue box is formed. This box is the one that indicates that we are selecting these files. Although if we want, we have the possibility to change the color of the painting, for another one that we want. There is a trick that makes it possible.

The customization in Windows 10 is really extensive since we can change many things in the operating system. This also includes this box that appears when we select files on the computer. The steps to follow it are not really complicated, although you have to pay attention to what is done.

How to change Desktop selection box color in Windows 10

For it, we have to use the windows, 10 registry editor. Therefore, in the search engine in the start bar, we must write regedit.

  • An option with that name will appear, which causes the command to be executed. When the said editor opens, we have to go to the following path:
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel Colors, which is where we can carry out the next step.
  • So we have to look for the input that it’s called HotTrackingColor. In it, we will have to enter the RGB value of the color that we want to use.
  • For this, in order to know this, we can search it online, there are web pages for it. So we just have to enter that value in the box.
  • Then you have to locate another entry called Highlight, in which to re-enter the same RGB value as in the previous case.
  • When we have done this, we can now restart Windows 10 without problems. So these changes will be saved. When we restart, we will see that the changes are already a reality.

So when we select multiple files on the desktop or in the file explorer, the box will have the color we have chosen. A simple trick that allows you to customize another aspect in Windows 10.