How to change files & folders permissions and ownership in Windows 10

In Windows 10, we have a permission system. Thanks to it are determined who has access to certain files or folders, something that is important in the case that it is a team where there are several users. Typically, permissions are assigned based on the type of user or group. But at all times we have the possibility to change them to our liking.

So that we will be able to give permissions to users that we consider important in our case, this is something that can certainly be important in the event that there are multiple users on a Windows 10 computer. Especially in those teams that are shared for work or studies.

How to change files & folders permissions and ownership in Windows 10

In this sense, we have several options of interest to be able to modify these permissions, although a very simple way is to do it by file directly, being able to choose the file that we want to modify in this sense.

What we have to do is search for such a file in Windows 10 and right-click on it. From the options that appear, we enter properties.

So we go to the security tab that there is at the top of the properties window.

Here we already have the option of permissions so that we can already modify them. Users can be added or removed to some of this list by clicking on the edit button.

Then just it’s a matter of adding another Windows 10 user you have access to it from now on. Remember that permissions can be added and removed whenever you want. So if it is for something specific, you can withdraw this permission as soon as you want to said file.

When you have chosen who to give this permission to, it will only be necessary to accept. This person will then have access to this file in Windows 10 for as long as we want. If at a certain moment you want to remove access, it is simple, and you just have to do the same, but removing permission instead of adding it.