How to Change How Long Windows 10 Displays Notifications

When we get a notification on the screen in Windows 10, stay in it for a certain time. This is something that may not always be convenient for us, as we may see a notification too late or not see it. So we are missing important information in this regard, which can sometimes have unintended consequences.

Fortunately, we have at all times the possibility of change the time such notifications are displayed onscreen. In this way, choose a time that we consider more appropriate in our case—a good way to customize our use of Windows 10.

How to Change How Long Windows 10 Displays Notifications

For it, We will make use of Windows 10 settings, which we can open using the Win + I key combination. Once we are within this configuration on the computer, we have to enter the accessibility section. Inside it, we then look at the panel located on the left side of the screen.

We then choose the screen option, on which we are going to click. Here we will see what we have an option that is “Show notifications from,” and below it is a drop-down list. It is on this drop-down list where we have to click to see the options there.

In this case, we will have to choose the time that we consider appropriate. When choosing a time, when a notification is seen on our Windows 10 computer, said notification would remain on the screen for that time, unless we close it manually ourselves. Choose the time that is most comfortable for you.

Once chosen, we can already close this section. This little change will allow us better use of Windows 10, since we will be able to have the notifications for more time on the screen or less, depending on the case. But the idea in this sense is that at all times we can see them and miss none.