How to change the mouse pointer size in Windows 10

Windows has always been characterized by offering a large number of options when it comes to customize our equipment, but not only through the operating system itself but also through third-party applications. This time, we are talking about the Windows pointer and courses.

Both the cursor and the pointer of Windows 10 are susceptible to changes, not only to better suit our tastes but also for people who suffer from vision problems. In this article, we are going to focus on the options that Windows offers us natively, without using third-party applications.

How to change the size of the pointer and cursor in Windows 10

Being one of the options aimed at people with some type of physical problem, this feature is within the Windows Accessibility options. Below we show you the steps to follow in order to change both the size of the courses and the Windows 10 pointer.

  • We access the Windows 10 settings through the keyboard shortcut Windows key + i or we access it through the start menu and clicking on the gear wheel shown in the lower left part of this menu.
  • Then we click on Accessibility> Cursor and pointer size.
  • In the right column, the first option shown in the cursor thickness, Cursor thickness that we can make wider to make it easier to view.
  • Then we find both the pointer size like color. Windows 10 offers us three different pointer sizes. As for the color of the pointer, Windows 10 also offers us three different colors.

To use each of these options, we just have to select them with the mouse so that at that moment, the size of the pointer, like the cursor change and we can see if it suits our needs.