How to change the mouse pointer layout in Windows 10

In Windows 10, there is a default pointer layout. So on the screen, we see the pointer in a default way. Although for users who want, it is possible to modify this without too many problems. The operating system itself gives us this possibility from the configuration. So you can change the design or size. Something that can be useful for people who see such a pointer wrong.

This is an aspect that we can, therefore, personalize in a very comfortable way. This is possible in all versions of Windows 10 currently available. So if you were thinking about the way in which it can be changed, we would tell you below.

How to change the mouse pointer layout in Windows 10

In addition, Windows 10 also allows users to download designs for the pointer if they want. It is enough to look for options online and then install them on the computer, through the accessibility menu. But it is something that will take longer in any case; in many cases, you can download them on many web pages, such as DeviantArt, available in this link. You can choose the most original designs to use as a pointer in Windows 10.

But if you want to be able to change this design on the computer without having to install anything, we show you all the steps below. They are not too complicated. So you can select a design that best suits the pointer for your computer. Windows 10 allows a new design in addition to resizing. So we can customize this aspect without problems.

Change the pointer layout

The first thing we have to do in this case, as usual in these situations, is going into Windows 10 settings. Of the sections that appear on the screen, the one that interests us is that of accessibility.

Then, when we are within this section, we must look at the column that appears on the left side of the screen with various options.

They’re one of the options shown. It’s called cursor and pointer size. It is in this that we must click. Then, the various sections that belong to this section are shown in the center of the screen. The first thing we see is a bar in which we can determine the size of the pointer. So you will be able to make it appear larger or smaller.

If you have trouble seeing it on the screen, you will have no problem making it more prominent. It can be adjusted to the needs of each user in this regard. Select the most suitable size for you.

Under this section, we find another section. This section is called changing the size and color of the pointer.

In it, as we can deduce from the name, Windows 10 will allow us to change both the size and the color of the pointer in question. We find a series of designs that come by default on the computer. The question is to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

So it is good that try these various designs to see which one is more comfortable and allows you better visibility.

The first option is the normal one, which is the one you are already using in Windows 10. So it is the white pointer with black borders. Secondly, you have the cursor in black with white edges.

While another option allows you to put the cursor completely black. The best thing is that you look at how they look on your screen, to be able to choose the one that best fits what you were looking for.

In this way, you have already changed the design of the pointer on your computer. You can change it at any time, both the design and the size, by following these steps. So you will have no problem in case you are not completely satisfied with the occasion.