How to choose a default printer in Windows 10

When we are going to print a file in Windows 10, the operating system asks us to choose the Printer to do it. It is a utility function, but if we use the same Printer on a regular basis, it doesn’t make much sense to have to go through it every time. So we can have a default printer selected at all times. So we do not have to go through this process every time we want to print a document from the computer.

So, we select a printer as default. So when we are preparing to print a document, Windows 10 will detect that this Printer is on and connects to the computer, without asking if we want to choose it. Which can allow us to save time in this process? Do you want to know how it is achieved?

How to choose a default printer in Windows 10

This is something that must be done in case you use only one printer, for example, at home or work. But if you regularly work with other printers, the process does not make as much sense. It is a good option if you have a desktop computer or a laptop that you only use at home. Since on these occasions, you only use a specific printer. So it will allow you to make the process more comfortable and it will take less time. But for those users who use multiple printers, it is not something that is recommended.

Interested in knowing the steps to follow in this case? We tell you all below.

Select a printer in Windows 10

The process to achieve this is really simple. We have to enter, as usual, in these cases, firstly, in the Windows 10 configuration. Within this configuration, we must go to the devices section. When we are inside it, you have to look at the column on the left. One of the sections that appear in it is Printers and scanners, which is the option that interests us at that time.

This section shows a complete list of the printers that we have installed on the computer. So we are going to be able to choose among these printers the one that we want to use as default in Windows 10. On the screen, we have to look at a section called Allow Windows to manage my default printer. This section interests us because it allows the operating system to configure one of the printers as the default. So this is what we want to do, especially useful if you only use one printer or use it very frequently.

Then we have to click on the Printer that we want to configure as default in Windows 10. So we go to that list of devices and click on the Printer in question. When clicking on it, several options appear, one of which is Open Queue, on which we must click.

Doing so opens the print queue in a new window. There, we have to look at the options that appear at the top of the screen. You will see that one of the options is Printer. We click on it, and then a small context menu with various options is displayed. One of the options in this menu is the set printer as default. Therefore, we have to click on this option. So it is the one we have selected for it.

With these steps, the Printer to be used by default in Windows 10. So when you are going to print a document, if you are near that Printer, or it is connected to the computer, it will print it directly from it. So the operating system will no longer ask you which Printer you want to use in this specific case. Much more comfortable and faster when it comes to printing something.

Control Panel

If you want, it is possible to do it from the control panel of Windows 10. In this case, after entering the control panel, follow this path: Hardware and sound> Devices and printers. There, choose the Printer in question that you want to use and select it as the default by right-clicking on it.