How to delete a Bluetooth device in Windows 10

We have been using more and more devices for a long time connected to our Windows 10 computer via Bluetooth. They can be keyboards or moments, for example, that make them be used without cables. Although it is possible that after a while we will not be using this peripheral or device anymore. Therefore, we have to remove it from the computer.

The way of delete a connected Bluetooth device our Windows 10 computer is not complicated. So if you were thinking of doing this, we now show you the steps to follow, so that you can do it. It is simple and does not take long.

How to delete a Bluetooth device in Windows 10

As usual in this type of case, we are going to use Windows 10 settings to start the process.

We use the Win + I key combination to enter it so that in a matter of a couple of seconds we already have this configuration. We will have to enter the devices section.

So we look at the Bluetooth and other devices section, which is located on the left panel of the screen.

In this section, we are going to be able to see all the devices that have been connected to the computer via Bluetooth, so that we have access to them at any time.

Then we will have to search for this device in question and click on it. By doing this we will get the option to remove the device.

So we click on it so that this device is removed from Windows 10. This is something that will take a couple of seconds to complete.

In this way, we can delete any connected device with Bluetooth on our Windows 10 computer.

Very simple and straightforward and it hardly takes time to achieve this. So if there is a device that you do not already use and you want to delete, it will be very easy to do so.