How to delete applications in Windows 10

Many are the users who need more storage space for the simple fact of filling them and not filling them with videos or photography, either for our or hobby, but for the mere fact of proving what the applications do with which it’s found.

Installing an application on our team just to test what it does even if we have no intention of using it regularly or sporadically is one of the worst things we can do on our team since, in the long run, we ran into two problems.

The first and foremost is that our equipment stops working as it did in the beginning, slowing down. This is because each application that we install on our computer modifies its registry. Hence, every time we start our computer, Windows has to check each registry reference to installed applications.

The second problem is the lack of storage space. Depending on the type of application that we install, the storage space can be considerably reduced. Having free space on our equipment is essential, not only to store the information we need but also for Windows to work properly.

How to delete applications in Windows 10

Removing apps regularly is the best thing we can do if we want our apps to continue working as they did in the beginning.

  • First, we go to the Windows configuration options through the keyboard shortcut Windows key + i.
  • Then we click on Applications> Applications and features.
  • Now we go to the menu on the right and look for the application that we want to remove from our team.
  • When clicking on the application that we want to delete from our team, the button will be displayed Uninstall.
  • Next, we just have to follow the steps indicated by the system to remove it from our team.