How to disable the command prompt feature in Windows 10

When the equipment that we usually use both for work and at home, is shared by more than one person. We always run the risk of suffering some type of mishap with the operation of our equipment, mainly due to ignorance on the part of the person who is using it.

The command prompt in Windows has always been one of the tools most powerful windows, a command prompt that, if you don’t have enough knowledge in little expert hands, can cause severe damage to your computer. To avoid possible future problems, we can disable access to the command prompt.

Whenever more than one person uses our equipment, the most recommended is to create different user accounts, accounts that must not be an administrator at any time, so they cannot make changes to the system. Once we have created the accounts, it is when we must proceed to disable access to the command prompt.

To carry out this process, we must access the Windows registry, so we must be clear first of all what we are doing since otherwise, we can make any changes that affect the integrity of the operating system.

Disable command line access in Windows 10

  • To access the Windows registry, we must write Regedit in the search box on the start menu.
  • Then we go to the address HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Policies Microsoft Windows.
  • If the System folder is already created, we access it. Otherwise, we must create it and locate ourselves inside it.
  • Next, we create a new 32-bit DWORD value with the name DisableCMD, Value data 2, and Hexadecimal Base.

Once we have created this new value, we just have to Restart the system so that the next time our computer starts, it no longer allows access to the command prompt.