How to disable updates in Windows 10

Windows updates have always been a hassle when it comes to installing and downloading them. Fortunately, as the years have passed, Microsoft has considerably improved both the form and the installation of the same. From, we recommend urge them at all times if we want our team to be safe.

However, it is likely that on some occasions, we do not want or do not want to install a specific update, or we simply want to reserve a day of our work to install them all together, although it is not advisable, since Microsoft is responsible for urging them when we know that we will not use our equipment.

How to disable updates in Windows 10

If you want your team to stop installing the newly available updates, unfortunately, we cannot do it from the Windows configuration options, since this option is no longer available with the latest updates. The only thing we can do is use a third-party application, a free app that is in charge of deactivating the automatic updates of our team.

I’m talking about the app Stop Windows 10 updates, a free application that we can download at this link. The operation of this application is very simple since its function is limited to a single button, a button called Stop Windows Updates.

We can quickly reverse the process through the same application, a function that we are likely to be forced to perform if we want to install any application from the Microsoft Store. We have to reverse it through this same application since within the options of Windows Update, no other options are shown, all options have disappeared when disabling Windows updates with this application.