How to disable visual effects in Windows 10

Seeking to improve performance in Windows 10 is very common, which we can obtain in many different ways. There are ways that are better suited to each person’s computer and their situation. One way to prevent the computer from running slow may be to disable the visual effects that are in it since, in these versions of the operating system, there are many.

Thus, we will be able to obtain a better performance in Windows 10. If you think that this option is of interest in your case, we show you below the steps that we have to follow to disable visual effects on your computer. It is somewhat easier than you think.

How to disable visual effects in Windows 10

To do this, we go to the search bar that we have in Windows 10, and in it, we introduce this command sysdm.cpl, and we give it to look for. We will get a result, which is what interests us, so we click on it. Then a window with system properties opens.

There are several tabs in this window, of which we are interested in advanced properties in this case. Next, we look at the first section, which is performance. In it, there is a button that says configuration, on which we are going to press this time.

So we are already in the visual effects tab. You can see a list of visual effects that are in Windows 10. We can activate or deactivate the ones we want. We can also make use of the option called Adjust for best performance so that the best performance is obtained on the computer.

Each one will be able to choose the option that they consider best in their case. But both ways what we’re doing is to improve performance on our Windows 10 computer. A very simple way to achieve this, but it can certainly be of great help to us.