Windows Defender is the default security tool in Windows 10. It is a tool that works at all times and runs in the background so that it can detect any possible threat on the computer. Occasionally, this tool usually shows us some notifications. Something that has been increasing over time, with the new versions and can be very annoying.

So there are users who want to end these Windows Defender notifications on your computer. Fortunately, we can configure the notifications of this security tool in a very simple way. To reduce that number or end them entirely in Windows 10.

The best thing in this regard is not to disable all notifications. But we should leave only those for the threats that can attack Windows 10. This is something that will significantly reduce the number of warnings that this tool shows us. So, just in case something happens, we will receive a notification on the computer.

Over time, the effectiveness of this security tool has improved noticeably. But together with this, the notifications displayed on the computer have increased. In many cases, they are annoying because they do not provide important information. They even show you notifications to tell you that no threats have been found. So they are not always equally important, which means that we can eliminate them in Windows 10. The steps that we have to follow in this case are shown below.

Deactivate Windows Defender Notifications

To do this, as usual in these cases, we must first open the Windows 10 configuration. When we are inside it, we have to enter the section called Update and security. There we will be able to manage some aspects of this security tool.

On the left side of the screen, we have to click on Windows Defender. It is also possible to directly open the security tool on the computer. To do this, go to the shield icon that appears in the system tray and then click on the gear icon and enter notifications.

Within the notifications section, you must enter the option Manage notifications. There we will be able to adjust these options on which notifications are what we want to receive and which are not.

It will then show us the management page for these Windows Defender notifications. There is a section called Notifications Protection against viruses and threats. It is in this where we will be able to determine which ones we want to receive, depending on what we are looking for.

Some of these notifications are informative, that we are not going any important information. So we can disable the switch next to it. So they are inactive. These are the notifications that Windows 10 usually shows us in many cases and that are the ones that are annoying.

The ones we have mentioned that tell us that they have not found anything in their analysis or that there are no threats. So they really do not provide us with anything useful at any time. So we can stop receiving them.

In this way, we have deactivated the news. But Windows Defender will show us only those that are of importance. The good thing is that we can manage these notifications at all times.

In this section you can see all the notifications that are in the section, so you can determine in each case which ones you want to use.

So if when you have configured this, you consider that you get a few on the computer, you can modify all the ones you want. The process is always the same in all cases.

Thus, you can have fewer notifications from the security tool on your computer, which will make it much less annoying than usual. Have you also modified the notifications on any occasion?