How to Download a Windows 10 ISO Without the Media Creation Tool

On certain occasions, you may need to obtain an ISO file of the Windows 10 installation program, either for your computer, to repair a damaged computer, in order to install it in a virtual machine and the like. Now, downloading an ISO from the latest version of Windows 10 is very easy using the media creation tool from another Windows computer. Still, the case is that it is an option that is not available.

And it is that you do not always have another Windows computer handy for it. Sometimes it can be a Mac, an Android device, any other device, or a computer with a version of Windows earlier than Windows 7, which is excluded from using this tool. If this is your case and you need a Windows 10 ISO file, you just have to follow these steps.

How to Download a Windows 10 ISO Without the Media Creation Tool

As we mentioned, in this case, getting the official ISO is completely free, as well as installing the operating system. From Microsoft, they also allow the download of their latest version of the formal operating system in ISO format despite not having a Windows computer.

To achieve such a download, first, you must access from this link to the official website of Microsoft ISO file download. To say that only if your computer is not running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 will it be when it allows you to download the ISO files directly. If this is not your case, you should follow this other tutorial.

Once on that page, it will appear a small drop-down with the different editions of the operating system to download. However, you should bear in mind that only the downloads of the latest Windows 10 compilations will be available. You must select the one you need for your computer and then click on the “Confirm” button. Then you will have to repeat the same steps to choose the system language.

Once this is done, your download will be processed, and it will only be left to choose if you need a 32 or 64-bit version.

You will only have to click on the button you want in question, and the download of the ISO will start automatically.

You should bear in mind that the download time will vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Finally, you will only be left, depending on where you are going to use Windows 10, burn the file to a USB stick, or a DVD if you wish.

Also, say that it is possible that when installing the operating system, you need a product key, for which you can use a generic key O well get one on Amazon for less than 10 euros.