How to download Facebook Messenger for Windows 10

Currently, we have at our disposal a large number of applications that allow us to make video calls from our Windows PC, have conversations, share files. In the workplace, the most used applications are Skype and Zoom, while in the personal sphere, the thing, is reduced to WhatsApp and Messenger, both from Facebook.

Making video calls from our PC is much more comfortable than making them from our smartphone or tablet since we do not have to find support to be able to position the device so that we can appear in the center of the screen. With the launch of Facebook Messenger for Windows, there is no problem.

Messenger Desktop

Messenger comes to the big screen. Messenger desktop for MacOS and Windows is here.

Posted by Messenger on Thursday, April 2, 2020

The new Messenger application for Windows allows us to carry out the same functions that we currently carry out with our device, including video calls, send images and videos, have conversations … but best of all, all the conversations we have will be available in all devices, so if we have to go out at any given time, we can continue the conversation from our smartphone or if when we get to our house, we want to have the conversation comfortably sitting in front of our computer.

The Windows 10 integration is found in the possibility of being able to see in the Live Tiles of Facebook Messenger if we have messages pending reading. From this application, we can make use of stickers, gifs and emoticons to spice up our conversations. We can also create groups, search for people. According to the company, when making video calls, the number of users and unlimited, the latter I am not very clear.

Facebook Messenger is available for download directly through the Windows Store, clicking on this link. This is the only way to install the application, so be wary of any other website that claims to allow you to download the official Messenger app for Facebook.