How To Download Windows 10 Latest Version ISO File

In certain cases, you may need to download an ISO file containing the latest version of Windows 10, either to install it on your computer, use it for another computer, open it in a virtual machine, or for anything else.

However, the truth is that if this is your case, you may have seen that it is a bit complicated, taking into account that from Microsoft if you have one of the latest versions of Windows and access the download page of the said operating system, You will find that you can only download the so-called “Media Creation Tool.” Now despite this, You will also be able to save an ISO file of the version of Windows 10 that you want on your computer using this same application.

How to download an ISO of the latest version of Windows 10 with Microsoft’s “Media Creation Tool.”

As we mentioned, when accessing the Microsoft website, only the option to download the “”Media Creation Tool”” is shown, something that changes only if you are not using Windows or you have installed a very old version of said system. However, downloading this tool also files can be formed in ISO format with the latest versions of Windows 10.

Download the “Media Creation Tool” from the official website

First, to download this tool, essential to carry out the process in question, what you should do is go through this link to the official Microsoft download website. It, in addition to, for example, various options to update the equipment and other utilities, in the Windows 10 installation section you can find the button in question to download the tool.

How to use the tool to download an ISO file

Once you’ve downloaded the tool, you’ll need to open it, and then accept the license terms Microsoft to continue downloading Windows 10 in ISO format. After a few quick checks, a new window will appear, indicating if you want to update the equipment you are using or if what you want is to create an installation medium, where you must choose the option “Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD or ISO file) for another PC,” regardless of whether it is for another computer or yours.

Then, the wizard itself will have selected by default the language, edition, and architecture options of Windows 10, according to your team. Still, if you want, you will only have to uncheck the option at the bottom, and you can modify the different parameters to your liking. It is important above all that if you are going to install it on another computer, choose the appropriate architecture for it, something that you can easily check by following this tutorial. Similarly, if in doubt you can select the option of downloading both versions, and so you can install the one you need or prefer on your computer.

By last, you must choose where you want to use Windows 10 to follow the steps in the most appropriate way. In this sense, Microsoft provides you with two different options depending on your preferences:

  • USB flash drive: You can choose this option if you want that, once the ISO file of the latest version of Windows 10 has been downloaded, it is recorded on a USB stick or similar. Keep in mind that you can also select the following option and do it later, although selecting it in the tool directly can save you steps.
  • ISO file: when choosing this option, the wizard will show you the file explorer so you can select a location, and when you do this, the download of the ISO file will begin, which will be saved wherever you want. Then you can mount it on your computer, use it on a virtual machine, or burn it to a DVD or USB drive if you wish. You are using some program like Rufus.

Once you have followed these steps, you will have your ISO file ready to use where you want it most. Similarly, in some cases, Windows may also require you to insert a license to download the operating system. If this is your case, you should not worry, since temporarily you will be able to use one of the generic product keys, O well buy one for less than 10 euros.