How to empty the Windows Recycle Bin automatically

Recycle Bin. Blessed recycle bin. The recycle bin It is one of the best computer inventions and that it has saved us from more than one trouble, as long as we do not have the habit of emptying it continuously because we do not like the icon it shows when it is full.

The recycle bin is configured, so that automatically empties every 30 days if the user does not do it before. In this way, we will be able to recover the files or documents that we have sent to the mumps by accident or on purpose. However, some users always want to see it empty.

How to empty the Windows Recycle Bin automatically.

If you do not usually use your equipment to work, but your main use is video games, watching movies or any other purpose, it is likely that for always have as much space as possible; we want to empty it before turning off the computer, when we send content to the trash or when we log in to our computer.

If our needs go through the latter, we must make use of a free application called Auto Recycle Bin. This application allows us, among other multiple options, to empty the recycle bin automatically every time we start our computer.

Empty recycle bin automatically

For this, we must access the application settings Settings and check the box On the Windows OS startup. Other options offered by the Auto Recycle Bin application, allow us to set the maximum limit that the recycling bin can occupy in our equipment and the maximum time that it can remain in it.

Both functions are available through the Windows configuration options, so no need to use the application to modify these values. However, natively, we cannot configure the computer to empty the trash when starting it.