How to enable dark mode in the Windows 10 Mail app

The dark mode is something that is gaining a presence today. Many applications, both on smartphones and a computer, make use of it. Windows 10 has started to introduce this mode in some of its applications. One of them is the Mail app, which for a few weeks, already officially has this dark mode in the app.

So users can make use of this dark mode in Mail in Windows 10 whenever they want. The way to enable this mode in the app is simple. Here we tell you the steps to follow in this regard.

How to enable dark mode in the Windows 10 Mail app

In order to use this dark mode in the Windows 10 mail app, we have to make sure that we have the latest version of the app on the computer.

In addition to having the latest version of the operating system that there is so far. Otherwise, it will not be possible to enable it on the computer. We can check for updates with Windows Update, in case they were needed.

  • When this has been done, we can already open the app in Windows 10 normally.
  • Once inside it, we have to go to the settings of the app. Then you have to enter the personalization section of all those who leave within this configuration.
  • One of the options that we get in this section is the dark mode. Therefore, you just have to click on this option. So, let’s see how the interface of the app changes.
  • The background turns black, thus activating this dark mode in the mail app. Very easy to get.
  • At the time you want to return to the normal mode of the app, you have to follow the same steps.

Little by little more applications in Windows 10 are making use of this dark mode. So surely there will soon be some more that gives us this possibility on the computer.