How to enable enhanced search mode in Windows 10

Windows 10 May 2019 Update has left us with many new functions. One of the ones we find in this case is the improved search, which is now in charge of indexing all the content on the computer. Therefore, we can use it to have searches that are going to be much more efficient at all times, with better results. But we have to activate it first.

Since this search improved, it is disabled by default in Windows 10. Fortunately, the way in which we can activate it is really simple. In this way, we can enjoy the good operation that will give us at all times.

How to enable enhanced search mode in Windows 10

To do this, we have to first open Windows 10 settings, as usual in these cases. We can do it with the key combination Win + I or from the start menu. When we have already opened the configuration on the computer screen, we have to enter the search section.

This section is new, it has arrived with the May update, and it is there where we find the possibility of activating this improved search for the operating system. Within this section, we have to look at the Searching option in Windows that appears on the left of the screen and click on it.

Here we will get the search options in Windows 10. Since we want to use this new search, which is better, we have to click on the improved option, causing the said box to be marked. In this way, we have already proceeded to activate this function in the operating system.

With these simple steps, we have already activated this improved search, one of the most important novelties in this Windows 10 update, which has finally come true. Without a doubt, some simple steps, and if in the future you want to use the classic again, the steps to follow are the same.