How to enable or disable SuperFetch in Windows 10

Just yesterday, we explained what is and what is SuperFetch in Windows 10, as you can read in this link. This tool is dedicated to preloading into RAM those applications that we use most frequently. So when we open them, load up earlier. A very useful option. Although there may be users who do not want to use it.

In your case, they may not want the tool, and therefore Windows, to know which applications you use most frequently. Or simply SuperFetch slows down your computer. In any case, How to disable this tool on the computer is simple.

How to enable or disable SuperFetch in Windows 10

First of all, go to the search bar that we find at the bottom of the screen in Windows 10. In it, you must write services, so that we have access in this way to the services menu. It is a menu in which we will be able to see all the services that are running in Windows 10.


When we have opened it, we have to look for SuperFetch on the list that is on the screen. These services are organized alphabetically, so it will be very easy for you to have access to it. When you have found it, click on the option to stop the service.

This option is displayed on the left side of the screen, as you can see in the photo. When you click on stop, what will happen will be very simple, since SuperFetch will stop completely in Windows 10. If you want to make sure, right-click on SuperFetch and then enter its properties. In the general section, in the startup type section, there is a drop-down list in which you can disable it.

With these steps, we have already achieved that SuperFetch not working in Windows 10. So if you plan to disable this feature on your computer, the steps to follow are those that we have shown you. We hope they have been helpful to you.