How to Enable the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10

In Windows 10, we find the possibility to use the screen keyboard or virtual keyboard. It is an option that can be of great interest in the case of having a laptop that has a touch screen or if you use a tablet that has this version of the operating system. Sometimes it is a function that can be used if the normal keyboard has broken, for example.

Although in this sense, we must differentiate. Since in Windows 10, we find the so-called touch keyboard, but we also have the on-screen keyboard, and finally, there is the virtual keyboard for emojis, kaomoji, and symbols. So it is important how all of them are used on the computer.

How to Enable the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10

Screen keyboard

This is a keyboard that most users already know. In your case, the activation of the same is done from the accessibility in the Windows 10 configuration. It is a keyboard that gives us hardly any configuration options, so it has its limitations in this regard, which is important to keep in mind, therefore. But in general, it will comply with its operation, which is essential in this case, when we want to use it. The steps to activate it are:

  • Open Windows 10 settings (Win + I)
  • Enter the Accessibility option
  • Go to the Keyboard section.
  • Activate the Use on-screen keyboard option

This way, the keyboard is activated. To be able to use it on the computer, there is a key combination that can be very helpful in this regard. Since we can open and close if we use the key combination Windows + Control + O. Thus, it is much easier to use it on our computer.

Activate touch keyboard

On the other hand, we find the touch keyboard in Windows 10. In this case, it is a keyboard designed for those users who have a laptop or tablet so that they can use the touch screen of said device. It allows a better use in this way, which is undoubtedly an element to consider in this case. The steps to be followed in this case are different, but they also do not present any complications. What you need to do is:

  • Right-click on the taskbar
  • Click on the option Show the touch keyboard button in the context menu
  • Click on the keyboard icon that has appeared in the taskbar

With these steps, we can already use this touch keyboard. Since when we click on the icon, this keyboard will appear on the screen of our Windows 10 computer. In addition, in this case, it is a keyboard that we can configure, since it is allowed to modify its appearances, such as its size or the number of keys in each row, to be able to use it in a way that is most comfortable for us at all times.

Emoji and kaomoji keyboard


Lastly, Windows 10 also offers us a keyboard that is designed primarily for entertainment, although it is surely of interest to many.

It’s about a keyboard in which we have emojis, kaomoji and we also have special characters, which we can use on many occasions. This keyboard is, therefore, a simple and really fast way to access these options, which can save us a lot of time on various occasions.

To open it, we have to use the Win + key combination. So this on-screen keyboard will open when you do this. In it, we find several tabs, where we have the various sections that we have mentioned above.

Thus, if we want to use an emoji, a kaomoji, or if what we are looking for is a special character, we can easily find it on this special keyboard in Windows 10.