It is common that at some point, there are problems with the operation of Windows 10. In many cases, they may have a solution, but in others, even having tried some ways, they may continue. So there are times when you may have to consider resetting the operating system. Return it to its original state, so that the problems end.

It is a method that we have to carry out only in extreme cases. Although the reality is that it is very easy to carry out on our Windows 10 computer, for this reason, we will show you the steps you have to follow to restore the operating system.

We say that it is something that we should only use in specific or extreme situations because by using this, all the applications that you have installed in Windows 10 will be deleted. However, the operating system gives us the possibility of keeping all our files intact, which is undoubtedly a great advantage.

The reasons for carrying out this process can be very varied. There may be a virus that we cannot eliminate in any way, and it causes a malfunction of the computer. Or there is a slow operation in general, which is not removed despite having tried many solutions. Also, if we see frequent malfunctions, this option may be helpful. Logically, you must determine if you think that such problems in Windows 10 are worthy of doing this reset.

Although we can keep the files intact, the applications will be deleted. So it’s good that you check everything, looking for a file that you want to keep on the computer to avoid any problem in it and thus not lose data. Once this is done, we are ready to start with these steps.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10

We have to access the first to Windows 10 settings. To do this, we can go to the start menu and click on the gear icon. We can also access it through a simple key combination, using Win + I. This opens the settings on the screen.

Of all the configuration sections, we have to enter the so-called Update and security, which in many cases, is usually the last one shown on the screen. When we are in this section, we have to look at the menu that appears on the left side of the screen, in the form of a column. Of the various options shown in it, the one that interests us is called Recovery.

By clicking on it, the sections belonging to this section will be displayed on the screen. The first one is called Reset PC. It is the option that interests us, which will allow us to restore Windows 10. You will see that under the text of this section, we get a button in gray with the text start. We must then click on this button to start the process.

The computer will then ask us if we want or keep our files. The most logical and usual thing is that we say yes. But if you are thinking of selling this Windows 10 computer, and you have a copy of everything, you can also erase the data. So that the computer is in the state in which it left the factory. Choose the option that suits you best.

Once this is selected, Windows 10 will show a couple of windows with warnings about this process, which means losing applications, something we already know. Just hit next until you get to the last screen, where you can start the process. Click on the reset button. In this way, the process will start, and all applications will be deleted. The computer will be like new. So if there were failures, they would also cease to exist. With these steps, we have managed to restore our computer, simple as you can see.