How to find out the latest Windows 10 update available

Periodically Microsoft releases new updates to Windows 10, updates that it is always recommended to install if we want our computer to be protected at all times. While it is true that installing updates often takes a very long time, Microsoft has reduced the time taken in recent years.

In this way, every time we have an update pending to install, it is not necessary that we put our hands to our heads, thinking about the time that it can take us to install it on our equipment. If you want to know what is the latest Update installed In your team, you must do the steps that we detail below.

What is the latest update installed on Windows 10

  • First of all, we must access the Windows 10 Configuration options, through the keyboard shortcut Windows key + i. Or, we can do it through the start button and clicking on the cogwheel located just above the turn off computer button.
  • Then we head up Update and security.
  • Then it will be shown in the first option Windows Update, the section that we must access to check, which are the latest updates that we have installed.
  • To see what are the latest updates that have been installed, click on View update history.
  • When pressing View update history, each and every Update that we have installed on our computer since we installed Windows 10 will be shown.

Keep in mind that depending on the time that we have installed Windows 10, the number of updates can be very high. In most cases, are minor updates that have been installed without us having realized it.