How to find saved Wi-Fi passwords on your Windows 10

It is possible that at a certain time, we do not remember the password of our WiFi. We use a different one than the one that comes in the router, but we have forgotten. Luckily, we can verify this from our Windows 10 computer. So we can remember this key, or we can share it with another person who may need to connect to our network.

The steps to follow are not complicated. In addition, in Windows 10, we can check the WiFi password that we are using at that time. Although we also have the possibility of check the password of any network to which we have connected in the past. We tell you both options.

How to find saved WiFi passwords on your Windows 10

First, let’s find the password of the WiFi to which we are connected at that time.

It may be at home or somewhere else, but whose password we have forgotten. Windows 10 allows us to have access to it in a simple way, simply by following a series of steps. We will not have to install anything to access this information. What do we have to do in this case?

  • We right-click on the WiFi icon in the taskbar. When doing this, a context menu with two options appears.
  • The one that interests us is the option to Open Network and Internet Settings. Once inside, we look at the left side of the screen, where we click on the WiFi option.
  • Then we press the About Network and Sharing Center to access the network information.
  • On the right side of the screen, we will then be able to see that we are connected to a wireless network. We have to click on the name of the network to which we are currently connected.
  • Then a screen opens, where Windows 10 shows us the data of this network. One of the options in this window is the Network security key, what can we see. For this, we just have to click on the Show characters option.

In this way, We can see in Windows 10 the key of the WiFi that we are using at that time. So if we have forgotten or want to share it with someone, it is very easy to access this information on the computer. So we can do what we have to do with that password.

View WiFi password saved in Windows 10

Over time we have connected to many WiFi networks from our Windows 10 computer. So they end up accumulating a huge amount of passwords on the computer. Therefore, at a certain moment, we may search for the key to a specific network. This is something we can do, although we are going to have to use a series of commands on the computer to access it.

We have to open the start menu first, where we must open the Command Prompt app. In this application, we will have to write a series of commands. The first command we have to use is:

netsh wlan show profile

that will allow us to see at all times the WiFi networks whose password has been stored in this Windows 10 computer. We can then see what we want.

Although if we are looking for a specific network, we can use another very useful command. This is

netsh wlan show profile name = netname key = clear

In this Command, we have to enter the name of that network where we have put “networkname”. So Windows 10 will search for this network and show us the password that we have stored on the computer at all times. A simple way to search for a specific key.

By using this Command, we see that there is a section called Key content. In it, we find the password for that network in its entirety. So if at a certain time we need to use this network, we can already enter that password directly.