How to Change your Facebook Settings to Hide your Friend list

Hide Fiends List in Facebook

Facebook Profile stealing: if you want to keep safe you and your friends than its right time to think about the privacy on Facebook which allows you to hide friend list in FB. Facebook has given a lot of power to control each and everything in your profile e.g status, photos, albums, followers, etc. and Facebook is continuously improving their privacy policy to make Facebook more safe place than ever.

Facebook: A virtual world of social media, where everyone wants to connect with everyone and while in this process to connect with everyone blindly, most of the people forgot to think about their privacy.

How to Hide Fiends List in FB

1. Open your browser and log in to your Facebook Profile and look for Facebook friends list on profile.

2. Click on Friends, it will open your Facebook Friend list.

3. In Facebook Friend list you will see a pencil icon which allows you to change your Facebook settings related to Facebook Friends.  Click On Pencil.

Facebook Friend list change settings

4. Under the Edit privacy, you will see Friend List and next to it Public, Click on Public. It will open all the setting options available with the Friend list on Facebook in the drop-down menu.

Facebook Friend list change settings only me

5. Select Only me and the last step is click on the done button to save all the changes made Facebook settings.

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