How to install Minecraft in Windows 10


In the last 8 years, if there is a game that has become a whole way of making video games, that is Minecraft, a game that despite having been on the market for more than 8 years, and after having been purchased by Microsoft, It has known how to mature correctly and remain current today.

The success of this game with old-fashioned graphics is not logical in its design, but in the gameplay, it offers to all users, users who can create any type of world to which they can also add animals from the get food.

How to install Minecraft in Windows 10

Minecraft is a game in which we reach a territory where there is no one else and where we have to start from scratch, making a house for ourselves, growing plants, raising animals … while we must try not to let the zombies do us harm in addition to remembering we have to drink and eat to stay alive.

Although it is true that on the Internet we have at our disposal a series of similar games, the only and original we can find in the Windows Store, Microsoft official store where we can find applications and games that have previously passed the necessary filters to make sure they are free of viruses, malware, spyware and more.

Once we have downloaded and installed it, we must create a Mojang account to be able to use our account from any other device where we also have it installed.

But in addition, it is also available on all platforms in the market, such as Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS, and even Amazon’s Kindle. This game has a price that usually varies between 22 and 27 euros, and it is regularly updated, adding new animals and elements so that users continue to maintain an incentive to enjoy this game. This game became a reference in the world of video games.

Download Minecraft for Windows 10