How to join the Insider program in Windows 10

Now that a new Windows 10 update is coming, many people want to always be among the first to have access. In this sense, there is the possibility of having an update before other users if you are part of the Insider Program. An initiative of Microsoft that gives the possibility of testing an update before the rest.

For those who want to try before others Windows 10 May 2019 update. It can be a good option to consider. In addition, it is possible to join this program directly in the computer configuration. So the process is really simple.

How to join the Insider program in Windows 10

As we have mentioned, you have first to enter Windows 10 settings. Within it, of all the sections that appear on the screen, you have to enter Update and security.

When you have entered, you look at the column on the left side of the screen. We have several sections; the last one is the Insider Program.

We click on this section then. We get a text about this program, and we have to click on the start button.

In this way, the process begins to be able to be part of this program and have access to these updates of the operating system before anyone else.

Then we just have to go following the steps that Windows 10 shows us on the screen.

We choose what type of content we want; in this case, Release may be the best option. But each one must choose what they consider most appropriate based on their specific situation. When it’s done, we just have to restart the computer.

In this way, we will already have access to these Windows 10 updates, because we are already a member of this Insider program. It is easy to be part of it. In addition, if at any time you want to leave it, you will not have any problem, it is as easy as joining it.