How to know how much each application weighs in Windows 10

Space is something that we are regularly concerned about. Especially if we have a storage unit that is almost full or doesn’t have too much space overall, for this reason, we must control how many applications we install in Windows 10. It is also convenient to know which are the heaviest, especially when we are thinking of eliminating some.

How can we know which ones occupy the most space? In Windows 10, we have a really simple way of knowing what the applications that weigh the most Because we can see the weight of each application on the computer are. Thus, they always have this information available.

How to know how much each application weighs in Windows 10

In this case, we just have to make use of Windows 10 settings to know. So we can check without too many problems what is the weight of each of the applications that are on the computer. We, therefore, open the computer configuration, using the Win + I key combination.

Inside settings, we go to the applications section. Then, within this section, we slide a little, and we will see the complete list of applications that we have installed on our computer. Along with them, on the right, we get the weight that each one of them has.

So we can already see cHow much does each of these applications weigh in Windows 10? without too much trouble. If you were looking to eliminate some, based on weight, at the beginning of this list, we have the possibility of ordering them based on their weight. So we will see directly, which are the heaviest.

It is a simple method, and it also allows us to uninstall directly from this section some applications. So if there is one that weighs a lot, but we are not really using it, we can eliminate it directly. It can be a good space saver on our Windows 10 computer. A simple trick, but a very useful one.