How to make Windows 10 understand other accents

In Windows 10, we find the possibility to carry out certain actions using voice commands. This is possible thanks to Cortana’s presence on the computer. The assistant to the American firm has been improving and understands many languages. Among them, he understands Castilian. Although it is possible that there are people whose native language is not Spanish, but they speak it.

In such cases, it is highly likely that Windows 10 has trouble understanding this user, although there is a way to facilitate this process so that the person can be better understood at all times when speaking.

How to make Windows 10 understand other accents

The reality is that it is something very simple. Since there is a small feature available in Windows 10, it is not something that is mentioned much, but it is helpful if a person who is not a native speaker of the language gives voice commands in the language. It helps Cortana better understand what she means.

We have to enter Windows 10 settings first. Within the configuration, we have to enter the Time and language section. We find ourselves there with the voice section, which we can immediately see in the left column when we enter it.

Within this voice section, the first thing you see is the language in which we use these voice commands. Just below is the option that interests us in this case. It is an option that says, “Recognize non-native accents of this language” Next to it, there is a square that we have to mark. So it gets activated in Windows 10.

Thanks to her, if a person or we speak Spanish, but it is not our native language or we have an accent that is not typical of Spain, Cortana will be able to understand at all times what is said or the commands that are carried out. Very simple, but it can be a help.