How to manually install a Windows 10 updates

When it comes to receiving updates in Windows 10, the normal thing is that the operating system itself executes them automatically. Normally, the user does not have to do anything in this regard. Since everything comes automatically. Although in case an update has not arrived, Windows Update can be used to see if any are available, although there are users who want to be able to install an update manually.

This can be a good option to consider if there are any Windows 10 updates giving problems. So the user will be able to choose the one they want to install on their computer to avoid such problems. This is possible. Therefore, we tell you next what to do. You just have to follow a few steps that are easy.

How to manually install a Windows 10 updates

Check operating system version

The first of the steps to follow is to know the exact version of Windows 10 that we have installed at that time. Since this will help us later when it comes to finding an update that is best for us and avoiding problems in the installation process, this is something that we can check on the computer itself. We have to open the system settings first.

Within the configuration, enter the system section, which is the first one displayed. Next, we look at the column on the left side of the screen. There we will be able to see that there is a section called About, located at the end of said column. We click on it and then we will have the information regarding the computer. Among the data, there is we can see the version of Windows 10 that we have installed at that time on the computer.

We are interested in that version section, where it will be seen. In the photo is 1803, the number that we have to look at. Since it determines what is the last update we have had of the operating system. Something to keep in mind when we go to download an update for Windows 10 manually. Once this is verified, we can go to the next step, where we will download an update.

Download and install updates for Windows 10

Once we have this information, we have to enter the Microsoft Update Catalog, in this link. This is a website where we have access to updates to the operating system that we can download.

So we can choose the one that we want to download and install on our Windows 10 computer at that time. Using the web has no problem; we just have to enter the system version.

In the search engine, all the Updates that have been released for that version of the operating system.

In the list, it is possible to see security updates and firmware. All of them are displayed in an orderly manner, showing first the most recent updates that have been released for Windows 10 in this case.

So you have immediate good control and vision of the options that are available to download and install on your computer. The web shows you the 100 most recent results. If you are looking for something specific, you can always use filters to adjust the search a little more.

If you have already found the update that interests you for Windows 10, just press the download button that comes out next to it. When we click on it, the update download will start on the computer.

Downloading may take a few minutes, depending on your weight. This is somewhat variable. It is an executable file, so when the download has been completed on the computer, you only have to press to execute it. This will start the installation of the update on your Windows 10 computer.