How to prepare your computer for Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 latest Update is getting closer to being official. Its ISO was leaking recently, and in these weeks, we have been learning many of the details of this version of the operating system. So it is important to be prepared to receive it soon. Since it will not take too long to be official and launch for users. A major update, after many problems with the fall.

Before we get Window’s Latest Update on the computer, it is good that we prepare our team. So we know that the entire process of updating will go smoothly. A couple of simple aspects to make, but they will be very helpful.

How to prepare your computer for Windows 10 Update



One of the first aspects that should always be carried out is to make a backup. In the case of the October update, some users lost files due to problems. So before getting Windows 10 latest Update, it’s good to make a backup. So that all our files will be safe at all times. Also, being able to back up to the operating system is very simple.

We just have to enter the operating system settings. Within it, we go to the Update and Security section, where we will later find ourselves with the possibility of carrying out a said backup. We have several options in this regard, which provide us with what we want. Thus, we know that our files will be safe at all times, and nothing will happen to them.

Update the system

It is good, in addition to being necessary, check that the system is updated. Since you never know if we have missed an update. What could undoubtedly cause problems with the arrival of Windows 10 latest Update? Therefore, using Windows Update to know if we are up to date in this sense is something simple, but it will give us a lot of peace of mind at all times. So we must check this at all times on the computer.

We can do it from the configuration of the operating system. Within it, in the Update and security section, we will find the said option Windows Update. Here we can search for updates if there are any. Thus, in case we have not had all of them, we will be able to obtain them before Windows 10 latest Update arrives on our computer. Simple to check, but very helpful.

Free space

Another important aspect in this regard, especially before receiving an important update such as Windows 10 latest Update, is to check that you have free disk space. Updates of this type usually require a lot of space on the hard disk. So there are occasions when it may be necessary to free up space, in order to have this Update on the computer. You have to check how much space is needed and whether or not you need to free up.

In the case of Windows 10 latest Update, 32 GB of disk space revealed. Microsoft itself has already communicated it. So all users should verify that they have such free disk space so that they have access to it. If we enter the configuration and then go to the System section, we will have the function of freeing up space there.

In this way, we will be able to delete unimportant files or necessary already on the computer. What can help us to gain free space in it? In a way that we are already prepared to receive Windows 10 latest Update officially. An update that will not take too long. So it is good to be prepared in this way. Without a doubt, they are simple aspects, but there are times when we do not take them into account. So it is good to remember them.