How to prevent the mouse pointer from changing in Windows 10

In an earlier article, we have explained, how we can customize our mouse pointer, ideal for all those users who like to change periodically, not only the mouse icon but also the Busy clock, working in the background.

If the PC that we usually use is shared by several users, it is more than recommended that create different user accounts so that each person you can personalize as you wish, both your desk and its aesthetics. But we may have young children and creating a user account is not enough of a reason to complicate their lives when accessing our PC.

If we do not have different user accounts on our PC, it is likely that we do not want the smallest of the house to start experimenting and every two by three modify the mouse pointer icons. Fortunately, we can enter the Windows registry to prevent anyone who has access to our PC from customizing the different icons displayed in our version of Windows to your liking.

Block access to mouse pointers for modification

Again we have to access the registry to avoid unwanted changes in our mouse pointer. To do this we go to the Cortana search box and type Regedit and run it. Then we go to the following route:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows

If we have not previously accessed this section, we will have to create a new 32-bit DWORD value with the name NochangingMousePointers. Then we go to Value information and enter the value 1 on a Hexadecimal basis. Then we restart and go to the mouse properties, where pointer properties will no longer be displayed from now on, tab with which we could modify its icons.