How to quickly restart explorer.exe in Windows 10

Surely on some occasions, you have experienced a problem in Windows 10. Some parts may have been blocked. In many cases, when a problem arises in the system or the interface, we bet on restarting the computer. In this way, when we go back inside, everything works normally again. But, we have another possible solution, which is to restart explorer.exe.

We can bet on restarting explorer.exe on the computer. The reason why this is an option to consider is that it is the process responsible for most interface elements in Windows 10. So if we restart this part, we get the processes to start again, without those problems.

How to quickly restart explorer.exe in Windows 10

Best of all, restarting explorer.exe in Windows 10 is very simple, as well as fast. We are not going to have to use any third-party applications or use complex methods for it. The only thing we will need in this case is access to the Task Manager of the computer.

To do this, we access this administrator in Windows 10 with administrator permissions. Inside it, we have to look at the tabs that come out at the top. One of these tabs is the process tab, which is the one we must enter at this time. There we must look for the Windows Explorer process.

Since it is the explorer.exe, we are looking for. When we have found it, we right-click on it, and we will get a context menu with various options. Of these options, we have to give Restart. Then you will see the taskbar disappear for a few seconds.

When it reappears, the app icons will return. This indicates that this reboot process has ended. The problem that was at that time in Windows 10, such as that some interface has been blocked, should have ended with this step.