How to remove write protection on USB Drive

In recent years, USB sticks have ceased to have the relevance they have had until now, because it is increasingly easy to have at our disposal free cloud storage space in order to share files, large or small.

However, not everyone makes use of cloud storage services, especially when it comes to sharing large files, files that generally take a long time both to upload to the cloud and to download. If we use USB skewers and we want to prevent someone from deleting your content The best we can do is add write protection.

How to remove write protection on USB Drive

The first USB skewers included a small tab that allowed us to add a protection system against manual writing. However, this option is no longer available in the most current models, so we are forced to turn to Windows to protect the content.

If you have the need to remove write protection from a USB From Windows, below we show you the steps to follow. First of all, it must be taken into account that to deactivate this protection, we must access the Windows’ register, so if you do not want your equipment to be unusable, we must follow step by step the points that I detail below if you access any other section of the registry.

  • First, we access the Windows Registry through the Cortana search box and introducing the term Register.
  • Next, we head to the path HKEYLOCALMACHINE–>SYSTEM–>CurrentControlSet–> Control–>StorageDevicePolicies
  • In the right panel, double click on WriteProtect. In the Value data box, we modify the 1 by the 0.

We then close the app and relapse our team for the changes to take effect.