How to reset the start menu in Windows 10

Windows 10 works very well in the vast majority of occasions. Although there are times when some process may fail. One of them is the start menu, which we can notice that it works slower or that it directly blocks. Something that is annoying and that prevents the computer from working well at that time. But there is a solution.

Since in this case, we have to restart Windows 10 start menu. In this way, the blocking will end and we will be able to use the computer and said start menu easily. There are a couple of ways to get it, although one of them is especially simple.

How to reset the start menu in Windows 10

In this case, we are going to open the Windows 10 task manager. It is the fastest way to get the start menu to reset. As we already do with other programs or processes when they are blocked. It is a simple, comfortable, and fast method, in addition to being suitable for all types of users.

Task Manager

We use the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the screen where we select the task manager. A couple of seconds later the manager will open on the computer screen. We have to go to the processes, where we will slide until the one called Start comes out.

We right-click on this process and a context menu will appear. Among the options we have in it there is the Restart, on which we must press. In this way, the Windows 10 start menu will be restarted, ending the problem that caused it to be blocked.

Sometimes it may take a little longer for it to be displayed again. It depends on how slow the computer is or the lock. But the normal thing is that a minute later you will have the Windows 10 start menu again on the screen, ready to be used normally.