How to Restart Windows 10 Using Just the Keyboard

Shortcuts can be a problem if we don’t use them with knowledge. Many are the users who flood their desktops with the same shortcuts that we can find in the taskbar. Before creating a shortcut We must take into account the use we make of it.

The function of a shortcut is to save time when opening an application that we use regularly. If we place it in the taskbar it is because we have to open it from any application where we are. A shortcut that should be in the taskbar is one that allows us to Restart the system.

How to Restart Windows 10 Using Just the Keyboard

When our team does not work as it should, it crashes, applications hang and there is no way to access the start menu, have direct access that allows us to restart our equipment It can save us a lot of time.

It is useless to log out of our computer since the operating problems that our computer is experiencing will continue to be present until we restart and the memory is completely freed deleting all the applications that were using it. This trick is supported from Windows XP to Windows 10.

To restart our computer from a shortcut, we just have to perform the following steps:

  • Place the mouse on the desktop and right-click.
  • Then we select New> Shortcut and write shutdown -r
  • Then, click on Next and write the name that will allow us to identify the shortcut with which we will be able to restart our computer.

Once we have created the shortcut that restarts our computer directly, the ideal is to change the icon showing the shortcut, the default by the system, by one that allows us to recognize it at a glance.