The performance of our Windows 10 computer is something that always interests us. We want the computer to always work in the best possible way. Luckily, we can have real-time control over this aspect. Since we can see the performance of elements such as RAM, the processor, or the graphics card of the computer at all times. It is very simple to achieve.

So we can see if their performance has decreased at any time. There is a simple way to check this in Windows 10. A method for which we will not need to use any type of third-party tools. The operating system itself makes it possible.

How to see live CPU and RAM performance in Windows 10

As some of you may already know, we can use the computer task manager. Thanks to it we have real-time information on the performance we have of these components in the equipment. So it’s a really easy method of being able to see this on your computer. In it, we have a compact display with which to have this precise monitoring of this performance of these elements.

We tell you more about the steps we have to follow in this regard below. So you can follow this performance of said elements in Windows 10.

GPU, RAM performance in Windows 10

Therefore, the first thing we have to do is open this Windows 10 task manager. We can do it by using the keys combination Control + Shift + Escape. So we enter it. So, we have to look at the tabs that appear at the top of this manager. The second is performance, which is what interests us in this specific case. Therefore, we click on it, so that the options in this section are displayed on the screen.

Here we already find the performance viewer. On the side, we can see that the evolution of the use of the CPU, RAM, hard drives in the computer, as well as the connection or time the computer has been on (marked in red) is already shown.

Also, the graphic cards that you have in the equipment. So we have already started an overview of all these elements in the administrator.

On the left, we have all these columns. Therefore, we can see what interests us at each moment. If we want to see how any of the graphics that we have in Windows 10 works, click on them.

The same goes for the GPU or the computer’s RAM. You just have to click on them to see the performance. Although there is a trick that many users do not know. Since if we make two clicks on it, it is shown that only said left column is visible. Much more visual data for many users. Let’s see the evolution and use that each of these elements has at all times.

The size of this window is therefore compacted. This is something that allows you to keep it open at all times in Windows 10.

It takes up little space, it is not annoying, but you can look from time to time. So you can continue working on the computer without too many concerns in this regard. Really comfortable in this regard, this simple trick of double-clicking.

If what you want to see is a specific data, there is another trick. For example, if you want to see the performance of Windows 10 RAM at all times, it is very easy.

Just double click on the RAM graph. In this way, this graphic is displayed on a large screen on your computer. Which allows you to follow that performance at all times. The chart is only displayed on a size-adjusted lead as before.

Really comfortable to be able to follow this information in this way. To return to the normal view of the elements in Windows 10, just double-click again.