How to see the size of a Windows 10 update before installing it

We regularly receive updates on Windows 10. Although it is good to receive them, users do not have too much control over certain aspects. But there is a way to have more control over it. An important aspect is knowing the weight of an update. This data can tell us a lot about it since if it has a large weight, we know that it will take longer to update.

The convenience, in this case, is knowing the weight of an update before Windows 10 will update. So, in case this weight can be a problem, due to lack of space or whatever reason, we can do something about it and not update.

How to see the size of a Windows 10 update before installing it

Unfortunately, we don’t have a native way of knowing this on the computer. Windows 10 doesn’t have a tool for it, but we have a third party option called Windows Update Mini Tool, that fulfill this function that we are looking for. You can download it here.

Windows Update

Once installed on the computer, all we have to do is to click on the icon in the taskbar that indicates if there is any update. What this tool is going to do then is show us data about the update. It will show us what is available and its weight.

In this way, we have this information before Windows 10 proceeds to install this update on the computer. This is very useful in case we have little space, or there is a problem with the computer. We then have the possibility to postpone this update.

As you can see, it is a simple tool, but extremely useful for Windows 10 users. In this way, we can avoid one of the main problems we have with Windows Update, which does not let us see beforehand the weight of an update. We hope you found it useful.