How to see which drivers update with Windows Update

When it comes to receiving updates in Windows 10, Windows Update is in charge of managing them all. Not only the operating system updates depend on it, but also, the drivers of the drivers have to be updated using this tool. Therefore, we can see at all times a history of these updates.

So we can see what Drivers are those that have been updated using Windows Update. It is another way of knowing if we have all of them updated or not, something that is undoubted of importance on our computer. We show you how we can check this in Windows 10.

As you already know, Windows Update has its section on the computer. We can, therefore, open Windows 10 settings first with the Win + I key combination. Then, when we have the computer configuration open, we have to enter the update and security section.

Windows 10

In this section, in the left panel on the screen, we then enter the Windows Update option that appears on that list. When we are already inside, we have to go to the section View update history, to take us to all the updates that have been received on the computer using this tool.

If we click on the option called Driver Update, we can see all the drivers that have been updated using this tool on the computer. It shows all the drivers that have been updated, with the names we know precisely, which is which, in addition to the date.

So, you will always have access to those drivers that Windows Update has updated on your Windows 10 computer. It is a good way to make sure if one, in particular, has had access to the update or not. Because there are times when we don’t know for sure. So we get out of doubt.