How to set a different default browser in Windows 10

Default, Windows 10, uses Microsoft Edge as your browser. It is the browser that Microsoft expects users to use in the operating system, but in most cases, it ends up installing a different one. Despite that, it is still shown in many cases that Edge is the default browser in the operating system.

This means that for certain actions when you have to open the browser, it will be Edge that opens. We can change this at all times so that Windows 10 opens the browser that we use when one of these occasions occurs. You just have to change, which is the default browser in the operating system.

In this sense, there are two options that we can use on our computer. So we can easily use another browser in Windows 10. The options are simple and known to most users who have a computer with the operating system. But if you are taking your first steps, surely you are interested in knowing them.

Download a new browser in Windows 10

Google Chrome

The first thing we can do is download a new browser to use on your computer. The selection of browsers on the market is wide, so it is not something that will be difficult for us. We can choose between well-known options such as Google Chrome or Firefox, which have a great presence in the market. But the reality is that there are many more browsers available on the market, as the safest options.

Therefore, in this case, you only have to download one of these browsers in Windows 10 and use it as the default browser. When we install a new browser, we are often asked if we want it to be the default browser. As it is what we want, we will only have to give it to accept, and our preference will be saved in this case.

We are allowed to install all the browsers that we want. If you have several installed on your Windows 10 computer, you will have to decide what you want the browser to be used by default on your computer. Although this is not a problem, you just have to select it in the browser itself, which asks you if you want it to be the one used by default.

From settings

If we already have an additional browser to Microsoft Edge installed on the computer, but we have not established that we want it to be the one used by default, we have a second option. In this case, we will have to make use of Windows 10 settings, which allows us to establish at any time what we want the browser to be used by default on our computer. It is another very simple option to use.

If you want, we can directly search for the option using the search engine on the computer. In this search box, we enter default Applications and enter the option called Default app settings, that will be on this list. After a couple of seconds, this section will be shown on the screen. A list appears with the default applications in categories; in this case, we have to search for a browser on that list.

We will see that Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10. If we click on the Web Browser option, then the browsers that we have installed on the computer will be displayed. We are going to be asked then choose which browser we want to use, therefore on the computer, as the default browser. We will only have to select the browser in question in that list—the one you want to use in your particular case.

In this way, we have set the default browser that we want to use in Windows 10. From this moment on, this will be the browser that will be used on the computer at all times. If at any given moment, we change our minds, we can follow the same steps to change everything again—an easy way to change this default browser on your computer.