How to Split Screen with 4 Applications in Windows 10

A few years ago, quite a few years ago, monitors were all 14-inch. As the years went by, the 17-inch monitors arrived, but the price was out of the budget of many of us. With the arrival of flat screens, size problems were left behind.

Monitors of 17 or even 19 inches were something more than usual, that if, always in 4: 3 format, nothing of 16: 9 as at present. Thanks to this format, 16: 9, we can open various on-screen applications and interact with them without having to open and close them. Here we show you how to open up to 4 on-screen applications together.

Current monitors, at least for users who spend many hours in front of the Computer, are at least 21 inches, with 24 being the best choice. This screen size allows us to work with up to four applications together in our Computer, placing each one in a corner.

How to Split Screen with 4 Applications in Windows 10

If you still don’t use this function, function that will allow us to increase our productivity Below, we show you the steps to follow to divide the screen with 4 applications in equal parts to be able to work with all of them without having to open and close them according to our needs.

  • The first step we have to do is open the four applications that we want to distribute on the screen of our Computer. It is important that all of them open on the same desktop to make the process easier.
  • Next, we must drag the first application to the corner where we want to place it. Before releasing the mouse button, a guide will be shown with the position it will have.
  • We have to carry out the same process with the other three applications but placing yourself in the rest of the screening equipment since otherwise, they will overlap.

That’s it.