How to split the screen in two in Windows 10

Windows 10 is a highly productivity-oriented operating system. So we find many functions and tools that help us to work in the best way. There are times when we need to have two windows open on the screen at the same time. We may be working on a text and have a font or a web in the other window.

Working with two windows at the same time is not always easy, because the size often does not fit what we are looking for. Luckily in Windows 10, we can make use of the screen split function. In this way, working with two windows becomes much simpler.

How to split the screen in two in Windows 10

Thinking about the comfort of the users and making it easier to work, the possibility to split-screen in Windows 10. The idea behind this possibility is very simple. Users should be able to work in comfort with a few windows open on the screen. So you can have two documents, or a document and a web page, or any combination that you can think of.

In this way, when using the split screen, what we see is that each of those windows occupies each half of the screen, which will allow us to work comfortably, without having to be jumping from one to another every few seconds. So, if we need to translate a text, or we are writing something using a website as a source, it will be much more comfortable this way. Windows will adjust to screen size at all times.

Therefore, we will not have to be adjusting their size at any time when we use the split-screen in Windows 10. A function of enormous comfort for users that they will be able to work in a much more efficient way as well. It doesn’t matter if you use a laptop or desktop, the operation and the result of using this function is the same in all cases.

How to use split-screen in Windows 10

In this particular case, we don’t have to do anything special. The only thing that we are going to be asked in Windows 10 is to open the two windows specifically that we want to keep on the screen at all times, be it the browser and a document or the combination that you need in your case. We open these windows on the computer.

Then we have to adjust the size of them. Therefore, we reduce the size of each one, so that they no longer occupy the screen, and we make each one occupy half the screen, more or less.

When we approach the edges of each window to the edges on the screen, Windows 10 will take care of adjusting the size of each one automatically, so that they are both the same on the screen and we will be able to use them with total comfort in everything moment.

If we have a preference with the location of each window, we may want to have one on the right and one on the left, we can use keyboard shortcuts for it.

If we use the Windows + Left / Right keys, we can set the position of each of these windows on the screen, so that we will be more comfortable using them at all times, adjusting to the needs we have. What undoubtedly makes it very comfortable, as well as customizable for each user in this case.

As you can see, using a split-screen in Windows 10 is very simple. It does not take too long to be able to use this function, in addition to allowing us to go to work in a much more efficient way at all times, which is undoubtedly another detail to take into account in this type of situation. We can work without distractions on the computer whenever necessary. Have you ever used the split-screen?