How to Stop Windows 10 Apps From Running in the Background

Applications in the background are something that affects the performance of the computer. Luckily, in versions like Windows 10 users can do something about it so that these applications are not going to be running on the computer and affect the performance of it. For this, there is a very simple trick.

Thanks to it, users with a Windows 10 computer can make no application runs in the background. Something possible to achieve forever. Therefore, these applications will not be consuming resources, making the computer work worse. Something very helpful in the low range.

How to Stop Windows 10 Apps From Running in the Background

To do this, we have to enter Windows 10 settings first. It can be done using the Win + I command or by opening the start menu and then clicking on the cogwheel button. Once we are already in the configuration on the computer, we must enter the privacy section.

Within this section, we look at the column on the left. In this column, we have to slide a little towards the end. There we will meet a section called background applications. It is the section that interests us in this case. Therefore, we click to enter it.

In this section, we find all applications in Windows 10 running in the background. Next to each of the applications, we have a switch, which says activated or deactivated. What we can do in this case, select those apps that we do not want to run in the background. So none are going to run in the background. If what you want is that none can do it, you have a switch above that eliminates this option.

The user decides, in this case, what are the background apps you want to disable. Thus, the performance of Windows 10 should not be affected as much by such applications that are running at all times in the background.