How to temporarily pause updates in Windows 10

There is no doubt that updates are one of the most important aspects in order to maintain security, implement new features and some more advantages, and it could not be less in Windows. Periodically updates of various kinds are usually released, thanks to which it is possible for users to enjoy interesting news.

However, it is also true that on certain occasions the fact of having to restart the computer to install the updates, for example, can be somewhat annoying. Now, you should not worry about it since there is a fairly simple solution and it will allow you in a practical way Defer all Windows 10 updates for a while.

So you can temporarily postpone updates in Windows 10

As we mentioned, due to the large number of improvements that are incorporated thanks to the updates, perhaps pausing them is not the most recommended, but there will be times when there is no other option.

The first thing that you should take into account is that officially Microsoft allows pausing updates in Windows for a maximum period of 35 days, so depending on the date you choose, that will be the maximum day from today until you can postpone updates. Then it will start to search and install automatically.

Taking this into account, to configure this you must go from the start menu to the setup application, and in the main menu select the option “Update and security”. Then make sure you have chosen the Windows Update menu on the left and select “advanced options”. Finally, you only have to go down to the “Pause updates” section and choose a maximum date in the drop-down you will find below.

Once you have done this, as soon as the selected day arrives and as long as your computer is active and has an Internet connection, It will check through the Microsoft servers if there are new versions available, and if so, it will begin to download them and install them quickly.